Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Training Center

Some Favorite Quotes

"...the hippest of New York's comedy rooms, and home to the highest-quality improv in the city." — Salon.com

"Best five-dollar-per-person date: Harold Nights at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre" — Village Voice

"Best acting class for non-actors" — New York Press

"...the city's best improv workshop" — New York Magazine

"In an example of selflessness uncharacteristic of the successful, ticket prices for all shows are... cheaper and funnier than a lap dance!" — Screw Magazine

"Los Angeles has the Groundlings, Chicago is known for the Second City. Now, thanks to the Upright Citizens Brigade, New York City may finally find a place on the comedy map of famous troupes." — Time Out New York

"New York City's only relevant live comedy troupe" — SPIN Magazine

"Not since Woody Allen's 'Bananas' has revolution been so funny" — Time Out New York

"Smart writing and solid acting by the goofy, hip and subversive" — Paper Magazine

"New York's hardest-working sketch comics" — New York Magazine

"witty, irreverent, and conceptually ambitious" — The Onion

"twisted and uproarious" — Entertainment Weekly

"UCB has always done it a cut above the rest. To see what separates the men from the boys, see 'Asssscat.'" — CitySearch

"Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh have adapted and mastered the techniques of jazz-riff improvisation... we are treated to smart interconnections of words and ideas, and the laughs that come are deeper and more penetrating than from a sitcom rim shot." — LA Weekly

"...a combination of subtly clever intellectual comedy and slapstick nonsense that packs a powerful punch." — The Austin Chronicle

"Experiencing truly brilliant improv comedy is like sitting in the front car of a really smart roller coaster ride with no stretches of straight track. Right now in America, no one is offering a more exhilerating ride than the Upright Citizens Brigade." — Bust Magazine

"We like whatever they're using" — High Times

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